Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kiwanis doll


My son had to remove his appendix, and in hospital he was given a Kiwanis doll. It's a doll with no face, no hair or no clothes. I promised I'd help paint a face and make clothes for the doll. Well, that was almost four years ago, and the blank doll has surficed every now and then from all the other toys.
Last week my son brought the doll into my studio and put a piece of red fabric on its head. That was all I needed to make this little sailer boy come to life. My son thinks it was about time.


Anonymous said...

Så artig den ble! Mamma.

Sunniva said...

så søt!
jeg er en sånn som gir bort Kiwanis. synes det er så fantastisk flott, tenk å komme på noe sånt!:)

ha en flott uke!